25 injured as docked ship topples over in Scottish port

25 injured as docked ship topples over in Scottish port

A large ship tipped over while dry-docked in Scotland, injuring 25 people Wednesday, according to emergency services. 

The Scottish Ambulance Service said 15 people were taken to hospital, while 10 others were treated and discharged at the scene. 

The ship became dislodged from its holding at the Imperial Dock in Edinburgh. Local police urged the public to avoid the area to allow access for emergency services.

Photos from the scene showed the ship leaning to the side at a 45-degree angle. Adam McVey, a local politician, tweeted that it became dislodged due to strong winds.

The 76-meter (250-feet) long vessel, named the Petrel, was a research vessel previously bought and outfitted by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. 

The Petrel is equipped with deep-sea exploration technology and has led high-profile missions to locate historic shipwrecks – including the discovery of the USS Indianapolis in 2017 in the Philippine Sea.

The BBC reported the ship has been moored since 2020 due to challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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