Want a free stay on a Caribbean island? Aruba is looking for a resident weather watcher

Want a free stay on a Caribbean island? Aruba is looking for a resident weather watcher

The Aruba Tourism Authority is offering what could be one of the most unique jobs in the world.

Candidates aren’t expected to have much experience, they’ll have lots to keep them busy and they’ll get to spend 6 nights at a resort on the Caribbean island’s Eagle Beach.

So what is the job?

Aruba is looking for someone with a “sunny personality” to be its weather person for a week.

The twist is that the island’s weather rarely ever changes. Most days are warm with isolated clouds appearing rarely in the sky. It officially has more sunny days than any other Caribbean island.

The tourism board says literally anyone could be Aruba’s weather person making this the “world’s easiest job”.

How can you enter the competition for the ‘world’s easiest job’?

Applicants will need to record their best 30-second Aruba weather report – it’s likely to be around 26C and sunny. The tourism board says to “make it memorable”.

You can then submit this video on Aruba’s official tourism website for a chance to be featured as a forecaster on its social media channels.

Applications close on 31 March.

What will you have to do as Aruba’s weather forecaster?

The amateur meteorologist will spend six nights and seven days at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Aruba resort. It is located on Eagle Beach, one of the most scenic seaside locations with its blue waters and white sands.

You can even take a friend or family member with you to enjoy the stay, making this week of work more like a vacation than anything else.

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“You’ll be featured on Aruba’s social channels while you soak up the sun, sip on a drink, and remind everyone that the weather never changes in Aruba,” says the island’s tourism board.

What other unique travel jobs are out there?

Aruba’s advert for the “world’s easiest job” comes not long after the Isle of Rona in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides said it was seeking two people for a “dream job”.

This unique role involves keeping an eye on two holiday properties and assisting with the island’s herd of 180 deer. Rona is off-grid, home to just four cottages in total, it has no shops, restaurants or pubs and is only accessible by boat.

Now closed to applicants, those advertising the role said it was perfect for someone “just like the island itself”: resilient, self-sufficient and a little rugged.


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